Elizabeth Browning, founder of Joy Light Productions and Artistic Director of the Elizabeth Browning Studio is one of the country’s most respected acting coaches and has been facilitating personal breakthrough, empowerment, and positive transformation in her clients for more than 25 years in New York City. Integrating techniques for personal transformation with a revolutionary approach to acting, Ms. Browning has coached award winning actors on Broadway, in Film, and Television as well as business professionals, lawyers, writers, and people from all walks of life.  Clients come to the Elizabeth Browning Studio to become more confident, expressive, creative, successful, and personally free. Ms. Browning’s work has been featured in "The Actor’s Guide To Qualified Acting Coaches: New York" as well as numerous national publications. 

As a filmmaker, actress, director, and collaborator on award winning films and theater events, Ms. Browning has successfully employed the transformational power of entertainment as witnessed in her recent award winning short film, THE FACE, which is sparking passionate dialogue among women of every age while opening the door to a new view of aging, beauty, and the value of our lives at every stage of living. 

Her vision for bringing about positive change through entertainment and individual self expression provides the foundation for her transformational workshops offered worldwide.